Choosing a Divorce Mediator

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Third-party mediation is an efficient and practical method for working through the details of a divorce without going to court. The inclusion of an unbiased third party can help to relieve tension between spouses by providing a reasonable and considerate opinion that is beneficial to both parties. Often in divorce proceedings, emotions and general frustration between the two parties can bring divorce proceedings to a standstill. With the inclusion of a third party mediator, there is a person able to motivate both sides to consider the ultimate goal of these processes and help them reach a divorce agreement.

Legally, any person can serve as a mediator in a divorce hearing, but certain qualifications will benefit both parties. A mediator with a legal background will have a depth of understanding of the legal ties that need to be separated. This includes crucial elements that could be points of great contention, including financial stipulations and child custody. Having a mediator with experience dealing with these types of proceedings can give spouses an assurance that all their options are being explored. Also, most lawyers are used to dealing with contentious situations and will be helpful in relieving tension between the two parties by making suggestions that are mutually beneficial.


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